Board of Commissioners


 Doug Burgess (Mayor)

145 Osborne Dr.
Oakboro, NC 28129

Commissioner Efird

Mike Efird
(Mayor Pro Tem)

122 Kennedy Ford Rd.
Oakboro, NC 28129

Commissioner Broadway

Ernest Broadway

PO Box 403/228 Hill St.
Oakboro, NC 28129


TJ Smith

813 Hathcock Glen Drive
Oakboro, NC 28129

Commissioner Harvey

Georgia O. Harvey

P.O. Box 828
Oakboro, NC 28129

Commissioner Huneycutt

Chris N. Huneycutt

221 W. Sixth Street
Oakboro, NC 28129


Department Chairs




Budget & Finance Georgia Harvey Mike Efird
Water & Sewer Chris Huneycutt Georgia Harvey
Streets – Cemetery TJ Smith Ernest Broadway
Parks – Recreation Mike Efird TJ Smith
Police Ernest Broadway Chris Huneycutt
Historic Preservation Chris Huneycutt  
Planning & Zoning Mike Efird  

Board Meetings


The Town of Oakboro is governed by a Mayor / Council form of government. The Board includes a Mayor and five Board members who all serve two-year terms. However, beginning in 2009, the Board voted to implement staggered terms. This would be satisfied by the top 3 vote getters in the 2009 election serving 4 years. The Mayor and remaining two positions will be up for re-election in the 2015 elections for the 2016-2018 term.The Town Board meets in regular session on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Oakboro Town Hall. The Mayor is the presiding officer at each meeting. In the absence of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tem will preside. All meetings are open to the public.The purpose of the Board meetings is to conduct Town business. This can include the enactment of ordinances and resolutions that constitute the laws of Oakboro. Ordinances take effect when approved by a majority of the Board.Board members receive the agenda for the Board meetings, along with any material pertaining to agenda items, during the week prior to each regular meeting. This gives each Commissioner the opportunity to study each agenda item prior to the meeting.Work sessions may be held in order to discuss matters that require a more in-depth explanation or study all decisions made during work session are for directional purposes, actual determinations are voted on in a meeting,The Town Clerk prepares the minutes of each meeting. Each session is recorded to ensure the accuracy of the minutes. Meeting Schedule 2016 Calendar

Budget 2013-14 Audit Results:  A copy of the audit is available at Town Hall. 2014-15 Audit will be complete in October 2015

Budget 2015-16: 2015-2016 General Budget Approved2015-2016 Water Budget Approved2015-2016 Sewer Budget Approved

Board Meeting Minutes:


Meeting Minutes 3-10-2015Meeting Minutes 3-16-2015Meeting Minutes 3-19-2015 ,Meeting Minutes 4-20-2015Meeting Minutes 4-27-2015 Continued MeetingMeeting Minutes 5-18-2015Meeting Minutes- Continued 6-1-2015


How can citizens be heard?

Citizens may appear before the Town Board on any matter that involves Town government. In each regular session, time is set-aside specifically for Citizen’s Concerns. During this time, citizens are allowed to bring to the Board’s attention both matters listed on the agenda and matters not listed on the agenda. A citizen’s concern sign-up sheet is located on the desk at the front of the Boardroom in the Town Hall. Any citizen wishing to speak to the Board is asked to sign up prior to the start of the meeting.


How do I know when special meetings are held or what the board will be discussing at their meetings?

North Carolina Law provides for what is called a Sunshine List. Essentially, this is a list of citizens and media that have requested notice of meetings and agendas’ for the governing body. You can sign up to be added to this list by emailing Your notices can be provided to you free via email, or for a cost of $10.00 annually if you would like the items mailed to you. Contact Town Hall if you have additional questions regarding the Sunshine List.